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Drying the car after painting

What do I need after After painting the car

After painting the car, you need to allocate some time for drying the paint. Sometimes the drying of automotive paint is carried out in natural conditions,

the air temperature should be at least 18°C. Naturally, this process is very long, which causes a lot of inconvenience. To speed up the drying process, professionals usually use special drying equipment.

There are two main methods of drying automotive paint-convection and infrared. Both of these methods are based on the heating of the painted surface of the car(or it's parts) located in the drying spray booth. Here are just different heating methods. The convection method involves drying the paint by contacting the painted with heated air, with hot air moving to remove reducer vapor from the paint layer. With method of drying , hot air, acting on the outer layers of paint, forms a dense film on the surface. However, the lower layers of paint remain liquid and, when heated, emit reducer vapors, which, truing to go outside, lead to the formation of "bubbles" on the surface- the paint swelling. Therefore, so that this bloating does not occur, the drying process should not be too intense, that is , the air temperature should not be too high. From here- a long time of drying at a convection method.

The advantage of this method is its simplicity and relative cheapness.

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How Infrared waves shorten the drying time?

How to shorten the drying time?

The infrared method allows to shorten the drying time. In this case, it is supposed to use special infrared emitters generating infrared rays, which, acting on a layer of paint, heat it. But, unlike

The convection method, the inner layers of paint are first heated. This happens because infrared rays, which have the property to penetrate deep into the substance, when hit a solid base of a painted surface, cause oscillations of molecules in the corresponding material (metal or plastic), which leads to its heating. Since the heating of the paint begins with the lower layers, the outer film does not form and reducer vapors freely leave the paint layer. The absence of paint blistering using this method allows the paint to be dried with high intensity, and therefore quickly.

If necessary, painting the entire car convection and infrared drying methods can be considered competing – each has own advantages and disadvantages. However, if the task is to paint any paint or part of the car body, then local drying of the paint is , of course, necessary. And for local drying with the infrared method there is no alternative, since to heat a painted surface of a small area using the convection method, it would be necessary to heat the air throughout the entire space of the drying spray booth, which is obviously extremely wasteful. The infrared method, on the contrary, is the best suited for the task of local drying of paint, because when using this method, air does not participate in heat transfer-heat is transferred to the surface to be painted by means of infrared radiation. Due to this remarkable property of infrared rays, the drying effect appears immediately after turning on the infrared emitters, which direct rays locally to the part of body being painted, and practically does not depend on the ambient temperature. Therefore, for the implementation of local drying eliminates the need to use drying spray booth.

Special equipment called mobile infrared drying is used for used for infrared local drying of paint. For example, consider the mobile infrared drying paint type HT-2000. This dryer includes infrared heating panels that are attached to a vertical stand. The stand, in turn, is mounted on a mobile tripod. The design of mobile drying provides the ability to fix infrared panel in various positions in space, making it very convenient to use this device for drying paint on any parts or fragments of a car body. Infrared mobile drying HT-2000 is easy to adapt for drying as the door or the roof of the cab of the car, and for work under the hood.

Infrared dryer equipment

Infrared dryer equipment

An important element of drying HT-2000 is a digital intelligent thermostat, whose task is to control the change in the level of radiation power in accordance with a user-defined during mode. The ability to program the mode of drying is very important for professionals, since for each and color of paint there is its own optimal mode of drying. When choosing the mode of operation of the drying process, it is also necessary to take into account the environmental conditions in which the painted car or its part is located.

The infrared heating panel consists of a ceramic infrared emitter and a reflector

which reflects the infrared rays generated by the emitter towards the direction of hearting.

Infrared mobile drying HT-2000 is also used for drying putty, primers and fillers applied to the treated surfaces. And in the cold season, drying HT-2000 can also be

successfully used as a device for space heating

Infrared Dryer / IR Dryer
Infrared paint curing lamp HT-2000 at YST Body Sho...

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