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Infrared Dryer / IR Dryer

Infrared drying (IR Drying) is extremely effective in carrying out work on the local painting of car parts. 

There is no need to heat the spray booth, for example for painting local damage to a wing or other small element. Radiation at short or medium waves allows you to dry the surface being painted much faster due to the simultaneous and uniform drying of the material from both the metal and the outside. Infrared drying can be with a different number and size of heating elements, the size and power of which, in turn, is selected based on the size of the element that needs to be dried (eg hood, bumper, etc.). Availability of service controls, such as a timer, a distance and temperature indicator, etc. will eliminate mistakes when using and will make work with IK-drying simple and safe.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2024
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