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How to make the process of car repair cost-effective.

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With HT 2000 short wave infrared lamp, you can be assured of quality  with the following features:

HT 2000 Infrared Drying Lamp by Heatteck Solutions

We want to show you the process of priming, painting using our shortwave infrared drying pe 2000. You will clearly see the process and also hear the independent opinion from the buyer.

The use of an infrared curing lamp in Bodyshop

The use of an infrared curing lamp in Bodyshop repair speeds up the process of drying and hardening clear coats of primers and body fillers.

Using an Infrared drying lamp HT-2000, after a couple of minutes from the moment the device was turned on, all the parts that need to be repaired are heated to the required temperature. This is due to the fact that energy is not consumed in the space that is between the heater and the repaired part but is immediately transferred to the body surface. Using a heater with infrared paint curing lamps, the part that undergoes painting is heated from 60 to 140 ° C, although the element can be heated to 160 ° C.

Using infrared shortwave paint curing lamp HT-2000, the time taken to completely dry the part is about 5 to 12 minutes..


When using shortwave dryers, the material is polymerized faster, which is facilitated by the waves penetrating the dried paintwork much deeper.

Already immediately after cooling, drying and hardening, paint, clear coat or primer can be processed (polished, sanded, etc.).

The Heatteck Solution 2000 infrared curing lamp is portable, hand-held and completely mobile mounted on four sturdy castors (two lockable). Such kind of frame and base saves time and space in the box, but you can never drive a car into a paint booth at all.

HT-2000 bulbs with infrared radiation are mounted in the housing and equipped with a reflector to improve the reflection of waves.

Nowadays, infrared paint curing is widely used and is one of the most popular methods for drying car body paint coatings. Short wave infrared curing lamp-heating devices can be used to dry parts of various shapes and sizes.


HT-2000 infrared curing lamp, due to its small size, is used on small surfaces outside or inside the car, as well as in the engine compartment.

The portable or mobile infrared drying HT-2000 has a wider range of applications, in addition to the automotive industry, it is used in aircraft manufacturing, electrical plants, etc. In such installations,

infrared lamps for drying are mounted in separate units. In turn, each unit has four infrared lamps for drying and allows adjustment in height, angle of rotation and tilt within 120 degrees.

Another number of properties that mobile infrared paint curing lamp has is that it allows you to dry the roof of a car body.

Racks to which infrared drying lamps are attached have wheels for easy movement, which are blocked by built-in brakes.

Additionally, the control unit is fixed on the rack; with its help, infrared curing lamp is turned on and off with an interval set by the operator.

Mobile infrared drying HT-2000, due to its versatility, is the most popular.

Due to the lifting height of the heating element, even individual parts of trucks, buses, trams, etc. can be dried.

The main features of the short wave curing lamp

  • Large cure area-no hot or cold spots.
  • Short, controlled curing times.
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Lower cost and running costs than other infrared system
  • High quality components
  • Compact,modular design
  • Strong, stable and rugged construction
  • Easy to move with an effortless
  • Efficient on space utilization
  • Easy to use and install
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Designed and build in Canada
  • Very effectively meet the needs of the Auto Collision repair industry today and in the future.

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Guest - Larry on Monday, 04 February 2019 11:52

Thanks for useful information!

Thanks for useful information!:D
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