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4 Reasons You Should Get an Infrared Curing Lamp

When you need Infrared Curing Lamp:

If you work in your own store or own it, you probably already have Infrared Lamp, because it is used to cure the paint during repainting. For those of you who own or work in professional parts stores, or those who are involved in mobile parts, you know how hard it is when your schedule is full, and you feel that you have almost no time to do everything. IR comes in handy when you face deadlines, because it speeds up the process of drying. The faster the cure, the less time is available for damage caused by the curing medium.

Know what type of IR you need:

So perhaps you are a small seller with a bunch of customers (go!) And you want to invest in Infrared lamps to help cars move fast. You should know exactly what type of infrared lamp you want to receive.

Hydrophobic Nano coating for cars

There are 3 types of infrared radiation, each of which can be directed through a lamp: a long wave, a medium wave and a short wave. Long wavelength is least effective. We don't even need to talk about it, because it has nothing to do with body repair industry. Medium wave Infrared lamps are good for curing coatings on simple surfaces such as hoods and roofs. A short wave is the most effective Infrared curing system for detail, because it cures coatings the fastest. It is very durable and can be used on complex parts, such as the fender or of the side mirror and the lower part of the car.

Know the numbers:

We have a lamp worth about $ 1599 HT-2000, which we constantly buy.

We also have a big curing system that costs up to $ 7000 , which our customer use less often in industry. All of them are shortwave. Clients use them to cure Nano-coatings, such as our Nano-resins.

A large lamp covers areas from 4 'to 6' and can be used to cure higher surfaces, such as some industry plates or big curing spray boots.

Honestly, you probably don't need a big one. It is expensive and takes up a decent amount of space, while the little one, guy does an excellent job and conveniently slips into a corner when not in use.

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If you use IR, make sure you do your research; make sure you need it. If you already cover cars without it and you like the results, don't even worry about it. If you have a tight deadline, if you have a customer who requests infrared curing for your coating, or if you just want to have an IR lamp in your store, do it. First, invest in a smaller model and make sure it is of medium

Infrared DRYERS
Mobile infrared lamp.

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