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I have some problems with my coating. I have painted the fender and found one defect when I started to dry the clear coat. All fender was covered small bubbles. Also, when I had a closer look, I have saw the tiny holes on the top. I used a short-wave infrared curing lamp.
What is the wavelength of the HT-2000 short-wave infrared lamp?
How long does it take to dry various body repair materials?
What is the difference between infrared curing HT-2000 lamps and other shortwave infrared paint curing lamps supplied to Canada?
What is the HT-2000 short wave infrared lamp?
How deep does the Infrared wave length penetrate?
How long does it take to body filler drying with an infrared lamp?
Are infrared lamps only effective in drying flat surfaces?
Where to buy?

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