The main advantages give reason to speak so flatteringly about the HT-2000:



    • Higher quality paintwork - due to the fact that drying occurs from the inside, there are no such things as bloating, cracking, etc.  

  • The drying effect appears immediately after turning on the infrared emitters, which direct rays locally on the part or body part to be painted. 
  • There is no alternative for local drying with the infrared method. 
  • The infrared lamp for drying is more convenient for local painting works - unlike the convection method, it allows you to dry the desired surface area without any particular hassle.
  • The presence of a mechanical control unit allows you to choose a convenient mode for any type of coverage - other methods do not provide such an opportunity.
  • The equipment works without inertia - immediately after switching on it is ready to work.
    At the same time, it does not take time to warm it up and to enter the operating mode. 
  • Low energy costs are an important factor in modern conditions of rising energy prices.
    The ability to carry out the polymerization of powder paints, which requires a temperature not lower than 200 ° C.
  • Until recently, the use of powder paints was considered possible exclusively in the factory.

  • For local drying with the shortwave infrared paint curing lamp HT-2000, there is no alternative.


Now let's look at how IR curing lamps are used for drying the paintwork after painting a car:


In passport conditions of automotive paint, obligatory manufacturers specify the conditions under which it is recommended to carry out the hardening of the paintwork.Therefore, to begin with, it is recommended that you carefully read the accompanying documentation of the auto paint you have chosen to paint your car.The same applies to fillers, primers, etc.It is recommended to pay special attention to the maximum solidification temperature that the manufacturer indicates for their products.It must not be exceeded - otherwise the paintwork will be of poor quality.Turn on the IR lamp in the electrical network and select on the control unit the mode that best meets the requirements of the paint manufacturer.Set the time and distance. Distance has to be no less than 60cm for plastic surface and 50cm for metal.

After all the required parameters are set, start drying - remember that the device works without inertia, so the solidification time starts from the moment the lamps start working.After the curing process is finished, inspect the result , make sure that it is of proper quality.Go to polishing or sanding paintwork.

Total curing time for HT-2000

Paint material
Total curing time
Top Coat
7-10 minutes
2-7 minutes
Water-Base Filler
7-9 minutes
3-8 minutes
Body Filler
2-3 minutes

 Drying paint using shortwave infrared curing lamp is one of the fastest, most efficient and convenient ways.

Parameters of drying materials when using short-wave infrared drying.

Average drying time
Layer thickness
Fiberglass body filler Onyx, Black Carbon
6 min
3 mm
Filling body filler Bold, Unifill
3 min
3 mm
Finishing Glaze Turbo-T filling
2 min
1 mm
Primer V2012 HS 4:1
10 min
100 µm
Primer-filler V2007 4:1
7 min
100 µm
Single stage paint
12 min
60 µm
Clear coat
14 min
60 µm
Drying before polishing, including removal of the blending
25 min
60 µm

These tables allow us to conclude that with the repair of several body elements for most materials,

a significant saving of time and energy is achieved when using infrared drying equipment, even in comparison with paint-drying chambers.

Short-wave infrared drying in skilled hands is a powerful means of increasing productivity and cost-effectiveness of the entire service at low cost.

Infrared drying is a rational method of using electricity. Use this method as often as possible!

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