Buy infrared curing lamp


Portable equipment for curing paints and paint coatings. Ideal for local repair. The equipment has a rigid structure and compact size. Double cassette mounted on a vertical rack. On a vertical rack can be installed as a single (model HT-1000) or double cassette (model HT-2000). The equipment is equipped with a two-layer short-wave infrared lamp (a ruby-red quartz tube with a diameter of 19 mm).

buy infrared curing lamp

aluminum alloy cassettes that provide effective cooling and durability;

reflectors made of polished stainless steel;

a special handle allows you to freely move the cassette block and easily lock it in the desired position;

A simple control system allows you to precisely adjust the parameters of temperature and power;

panel of durable and wear-resistant material;

Aluminum alloy base. The structure is tough, durable and light weighted;

H-shaped platform allows you to set the lamp curing paint anywhere for drying;

mobility is provided by 4 rollers, 2 of which are equipped with a stopper;

fast adjustment of position of the cartridge.